This week most of you would have got buerre bosc pears in your boxes from John and Sam Mustafa, who own Yarra Organics based at the famous Pettys Heritage Orchard in Templestowe.   Pettys is only one of a couple of organic buerre bosc growers in Victoria – these beautiful brown pears with the nutty taste are one of John and Sam’s mainstays.   This year Yarra Organics is having a bumper pear harvest and it gives us great joy to be putting the beurre bosc, and from next week, the green packhams in our boxes.  This joy is compounded because another season like the last two dismal harvests could have meant the end of decades of hard work for John and Sam – it really has been that close to closing the gate.   To see the relief on John’s face this week at his market stand surrounded by pallets of pears is enough to bring tears to your eyes.   Enjoy that sweet, crunchy first bite.


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