CERES Harvest Day 2021
Thor’s downtime

This week I’ve been watching Marvel’s Thor movies with my 10 year old son.

While Thor is busy defending the Earth from alien giants and evil elves, I find myself secretly wishing he could take a bit of downtime for some pressing local matters.

I imagine Thor’s mighty hammer would be pretty good for mulching millions of tons of green waste and spreading compost across the world’s barren farmlands.  

In the second movie I’m reckoning Thor’s clean thunder and lightning power could probably get us to zero carbon emissions, save the Great Barrier Reef, return the ice to the Poles and be home in time for dinner with Natalie Portman.

By the third installment I’m wondering if Odin could send Thor on a spiritual quest to rescue the Universal Tree of Knowledge – some kind of awesome journey that teaches my boy about Earth’s sacred dance of sunshine, air, water, soil and plants from which all life follows.

When I learn there’s a fourth sequel coming I fantasise Thor reveals the real enemy isn’t giant alien robots at all but men believing they’re the DJ’s of Earth’s sacred dance and are planning to chop down the Universal Tree to build a disco!

I know this seems a lot to ask of Disney Plus but I really wish they could help save humanity for real.

Meanwhile, back in the Earth-realm this Saturday CERES adds our little voice to the new/old narrative with our annual Harvest Festival.

Harvest Festival is when we give thanks to our farmers, our makers and the sacred dance of sunshine, air, water, soil and plants from which all life follows.

This year’s Harvest is an intimate COVID-safe affair with limited numbers that you’ve got to book into – be quick I just saw a few of the events have already booked or sold out. 

Seeking wood-passionate marketing all-rounder

CERES Fair Wood in Preston is looking for a marketing all-rounder who can help a fast growing ethical timber start-up grow into a fully-fledged timber social enterprise.

We’re looking for a wood-passionate marketing all-rounder with a love for the big picture who knows their way around WordPress, Facebook and Instagram and loves to write, take photos and post video clips.

If you’re keen to make difference while contributing to a not-for-profit that connects community back to the Earth we’d love to hear from you.

You can find the job on Sidekicker – once you log in click here to find the listing.

Have a great week



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