In case you missed last Thursday’s newsletter our annual Unglut Your Gut Challenge has been renamed Tito Jackson’s Month of Bacterial Celebration. And if you were wondering how it came to pass that our annual pilgrimage of human microbial restoration has been rebadged under the name of the least heralded member of The Jackson family read on.

Okay why Tito Jackson you ask?  In short, 2000 years of Western philosophical thinking has lead us increasingly to relate to the Earth’s ecology as if humans were the species equivalent of the Prince of Pop and the world our own Neverland Ranch to do what we want with.  

Unfortunately, however, this approach has led to unbalanced outcomes – i.e. climate change, mass extinction and heartbreaking attempts to look like Diana Ross. In contrast Tito Jackson has always been a collaborator; a member of the Jackson 5 and other bands. This weekend, for instance, he’s doing a side gig with BB King in Biloxi, Mississippi.

And the Bacterial Celebration part?  Over the past 20 years researchers have revealed our immune digestive and emotional systems are run in large part by trillions of bacteria and that we are in fact hybrid superorganisms.  Thus, in previous Unglut Challenges we’ve focussed among other things on colons, FODMAPs and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

But this year we are also zooming out to a planetary level where we find bacteria are the backbone of all biogeochemical systems that underpin 3.8 billion years of life on earth – human’s it seems are just the equivalent to bacteria’s Airbnb guests. 

So we’re thinking microscopic but aiming global; reassessing our Neverland Ranchmindsets and joining Tito Jackson singing with the bacterial big band for evolutionary success…. 

How Tito Jackson’s Month of Bacterial Celebration works:

Step 1.  Place your order – (our first delivery is Monday January 8th)

 Step 2.  Enter the promo code TITO2018 at checkout

 Step 3.  Order for 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS*  (between January 8th and March 2nd)

 Step 4. Look after your bacterial community and reassess your goals as a dominant life form. 

Do these things and we’ll reward you with a big jar of Belyhealth Kraut or Kimchi made down in Jan Juc.

 *And look, if you don’t do the four in row thing do not fret – if you receive four deliveries between January 8th and March 2nd just call us on 8673 6288 and we’ll make sure you get the kraut or kimchi with your next order.

What’s in the box this week

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