Tito Jackson’s Bacterial Celebration  

If we sprayed the planet with a giant can of Glen 20 and somehow managed to kill 99.9% of all bacteria, we wouldn’t survive more than a day.  However, if all of humanity packed up and left Earth for cheaper house prices and more reliable broadband on Mars, the bacterial world would barely notice we’d left the building. 

We exist at bacteria’s behest – we can be eternally grateful to cyanobacteria aka blue green algae for generating our oxygen rich atmosphere and making it possible for air breathers like us to exist. Bacteria also created the soil conditions for plants to grow and it was bacteria’s advanced chemical engineering services that allowed for the evolution of our complex digestive, immune and emotional systems. 

Recent discoveries far below the earth’s surface have found communities of bacteria stabilising planetary carbon and nitrogen cycles.  And in the Pacific Ocean bacteria have begun evolving to eat the millions of tons of plastic pollution we’ve been carelessly tossing overboard. To badly paraphrase Coldplay, we live in a bacterial world. Yeah we do. Yeah we do.

We are realising more and more each day that it’s bacterial communities who are running the planetary show – something plainly evident when we disrupt the bacterial balance of our own lower intestines – just ask anybody suffering with IBS, depression, obesity, brain-fog and a grab-bag of other modern day mental and physical illnesses.

Farmers too have cottoned onto the fact that destroying microbial soil-life with our ploughs, chemical fertilisers and various biocides leads to erosion, compaction, loss of fertility, moisture, nutrients and carbon.  Today’s regenerative farmers now understand their primary role is bringing back bacterial communities in order to rebuild ruined soils.

It’s a humbling process indeed; we homo sapiens who thought we’d been playing the Michael Jackson role on evolution’s Thriller album, may actually be more like Tito Jackson making up the numbers on bacteria’s epic 3.8 billion yearlong version of We are the World.

It is however an opportunity to reassess our “separate to the natural world” mindset that has brought us to the brink of planetary destruction and take a lead from bacteria’s long-term survival strategy – i.e. co-operate across communities and species, make use of all wastes and most importantly keep the vibe of the Earth in balance.

Which is why we have renamed our usual post-holidays Unglut Your Gut Challenge to The Tito Jackson Month of Bacterial Celebration

The idea is that after a festive season of bacterial neglect we feed our microbiomes the healthy food needed to flourish while supporting organic farmers to bring back microbial life to our soils and at the same time reevaluate our place in the pantheon of life. 

How it all works:

 Step 1.  Place your order – (our first delivery is Monday January 8th)

 Step 2.  Enter the promo code TITO2018 at checkout

 Step 3.  Order for 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS*  (between January 8th and March 2nd)

 Step 4. Look after your bacterial community and reassess your goals as a dominant life form. 

Do these things and we’ll reward you with a big jar of Belyhealth Kraut or Kimchi made down in Jan Juc.

 *And look, if you don’t do the four in row thing do not fret – if you receive four deliveries between January 8th and March 2nd just call us on 8673 6288 and we’ll make sure you get the kraut or kimchi with your next order.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back…

We’re taking orders for our first delivery of 2018 which is this coming Monday 8th of January

So if you want the fridge and cupboards stocked up this Monday with fairly sourced, ethically packed and environmentally educative groceries then get your orders in by midday Sunday 7th of January.

Welcome back and have a great week



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