So if, like me, what you did on New Year’s Eve completely contradicted all the resolutions you made to be a “better you” in 2017. And this morning you find yourself shuffling about the house pitifully singing lyrics to Indigo Girls songs along the lines of, “not even getting close to closer to fine”. And if you’re just realising that the only physical exercise you’ve gotten over the Christmas break has been grinding your teeth at the stereophonic Star Wars laser blasters your parents gave your kids.  And if you’ve calculated that those chocolate favourites boxes you got from work and your cousins and your uncle’s new partner don’t look like running out before Australia Day and somehow beer, wine or gin-o’clock has crept closer and closer each day to breakfast time.  And if you’re overly emotional with loved ones about whether your strange skin discolouration is a jellyfish sting or an allergic reaction caused by a combination of too much pavlova, prosecco and leftover cold cuts?  Then perhaps the first step shouldn’t be about creating the “better you” in 2017, perhaps the first step to take is to rescue the old you from the deep dietary and emotional hole you’ve excavated over the festive season.

Enter Fair Food’s fourth annual Unglut Your Gut Challenge.  To those not yet familiar, The Unglut Your Gut Challenge is a firm but gentle four week lifestyle reorientation (read eating a lot better than you have been lately) designed to get our neglected gut floras back into shape. We’re talking substituting pinot grigio with good produce to gradually reduce the bloated, bleary mood swings and weird skin outbreaks by looking after our most important symbiotic bacterial digestive, emotional & immune system – our guts.

And once we’ve been good to our human microbiomes for a month then maybe we’ll be right to sign up for Battle-Ready Body Bootcamp or 12 week Acro-Flow Hot Yoga.  Or at least we’ll be emotionally and physically stable enough to re-enter the normal world in 2017.  And if you stick with the Unglut Challenge for four weeks we’ll reward your and your guts commitment with a jar of Georgia’s Soul Strength Ferments Sauerkraut AND a bottle of Lo Bros Kombucha.

Want to take the challenge?  You can order now for Fair Food’s first 2017 delivery on Tuesday 10th January


There’s three very important steps (you have to do all of these or you don’t get the fermented goodies)

Step 1.  Place your first order before 11pm on Tuesday January 24th

Step 2.  Activate the challenge with your FIRST order by entering the code GUT2017 in the promo box at checkout

Step 3   Order for 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS (Orders need to be $30 or more and we’ll deliver a 250g bottle of Soul Strength Ferments Sauerkraut (various flavours) and a Lo Bros Kombucha 330ml (also various flavours).

Fair Food’s first delivery back in 2017 is Tuesday, January 10th 



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