Service Update

This week the deadline for Tuesday & Wednesday deliveries has been extended to midday Monday. We know getting back from long weekends and school holidays that the last thing you’re thinking of is getting your Fair Food order in. So like we have in the past we’ve extended the ordering deadline to 12pm Monday.  So just order on the website as you normally would until midday Monday.  No need to email your order or do anything manually.

For Thursday deliveries there’s no change. The order deadline is midnight Tuesday as usual.

 A Plethora of Winter Veg in the Webstore Now

It’s 6 weeks until spring, and we are deep in winter veg season – just up in the webstore are brussels sprouts, celeriac, daikon radish, kohlrabi, swedes and turnips.  For years this bunch of garden odd-bods have been looked down upon and spurned for their flamboyant summer cousins with their bright colours and easy flavours. But now the wheel has begun to turn and the subtle qualities of winter veg are finding friends in kitchens across the land.

Who would have thought celeriac could be hip (they are!), who could have imagined there’d be a brussels sprout shortage (there is!) and who would have thought being a turnip farmer was cool (forget opening that craft cider brewery).  So if you too would like to befriend winter veg this season check out the Fruit and Veg Extras section of the webshop.

My apologies for leaving out the promo code for the school holiday special in last week’s email. And a very big thanks to Mary and Ella for helping fix up everybody’s account.

Have a warm winter veg week!

Chris Ennis



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