Side by side in an unassuming commercial kitchen identical twin Ukrainain cheesemakers Andriy and Taras Kogut intently cut curds and form them into wheels of gruyere and mozzarella. Bar the sloop of wet curds the room is silent. In a steel and glass cabinet finished cheeses a displayed like works of art. The scene could so easily be plucked from the film Delicatessen, but it’s not, it’s Blue Bay’s factory just off the Nepean Highway in Mornington. Andriy and Taras’ love of cheese was born on their late grandmother, Magdalena’s self-sufficient farm, where they spent school holidays helping tend vegetables, animals and of course assisting to her make wonderful cheeses. Okay, okay I know this is sounding a bit Like Water for Chocolate but these guys are the real deal.

Andriy and Taras both studied agricultural engineering and dairy food technology for 9 years in Kiev, before leaving the rich black soils of the Ukraine to come to Australia. With Magdalena’s treasured recipes in their hands and hearts and a ‘simplest is best’ philosophy the twins started Blue Bay Cheeses. Okay I’ll stop it now – I get so cheesy writing about cheesemakers. Anyway Andriy and Taras have been selling a range of organic cow and goat cheeses from their factory and a Mornington farmers market stall. And this week Fair Food proudly introduces three of Andriy and Taras’ amazing cheeses – they’re on special below.

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