wattlebird in a tree
When in doubt go outside

Next week at CERES everyone will be back from leave and suddenly the offices and sites will be abuzz

School children and CERES’ teachers, home for most of 2020, will be back for face-to-face lessons at the Brunswick East site.

Farmers, Rachel and Emily, at Honey Lane and Joe’s Garden will be getting beds broad-forked and composted for the first of their autumn crops.

Hayden at CERES Fair Wood in Preston will be flat out organising timber deliveries for builders back on the job.

And over at the Fair Food warehouse the United Nations 2021 International Year of Fruit and Vegetables will be on the agenda.

Normally I’d take an International Year in my stride but after the year we’ve just been through a year focussing on Fruit and Veg feels a bit out of whack.  

My initial reaction was shouldn’t it be International Year of Getting Everyone Vaccinated or International Year of Getting Along With Each Other or maybe we should just jam the International Year dial on International Year of Being Good to the Planet until we work that out?

I know as a grocer I should be over the moon but this year just doesn’t seem like it’s Fruit and Veg’s time to shine.

Seems since COVID that the rules for how things work have changed .

Because as much as it locked people down physically COVID has shaken up our thinking about work and family, about travel and time.

I used to feel guilty about stepping away from my “work station” but after being housebound for so long my new mantra has become “When in doubt go outside.”

And these days I’m starting to think that the algorithm wattle birds are using gives way more satisfying results than Google does.

So, if an international fruit and veg promotion doesn’t resonate what does an ethical online grocery emerging from the shadow of a global pandemic do to make itself useful in 2021? 

After last year’s concerts to support musicians from the packing floor, spirit lifting vegetable animations and our fund raiser to replace Mo’s smile we find ourselves open to anything. 

Seriously, what can Fair Food do in 2021 – thoughts/feelings?

Have a great week



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