Storm damage salvage and CERES Fair Wood
Wood Savings

On Friday, sustainable architect and CERES Fair Wood patron, Paul Haar, was profiled in a wonderful piece on Gardening Australia.

A theme throughout Paul’s career has been the creative and thoughtful use of timber in his buildings coupled with an equally creative and thoughtful approach to sourcing wood.

One of the creative and thoughtful timber sources Paul’s introduced to Fair Wood has been milling trees that have fallen across roads or are endangering houses.

The storm that tore through Victoria a week and a half ago brought down so many mature trees that Hayden Cronin, Fair Wood’s manager, has been inundated by emails asking for help – including one from a landholder in Newbury who had lost more than 100 trees.

Offers of fallen trees to mill were already coming in after the story we did on urban sawmiller Paul McKay but since last week’s storm we are now thinking about how we can do more to save these trees from becoming firewood and mulch.

With so many trees on the ground and time against him, Hayden mused this week that if Fair Wood had a space to keep the logs he could progressively mill them through the year.

We don’t have the space at Fair Wood to do this so we’re putting it out there – if you, your organisation or business have a large flat open space we could use to keep these trees from going to waste then email Hayden at

Open Table sauerkraut workshop
Kraut shout-out

Next Sunday everyone’s favourite waste-free thought-leader, Alanna from Open Table, is doing a  sauerkraut workshop.

Alanna says she’ll be using cabbage, carrots and other winter produce to make her kraut.

– previously Alanna has lead passata making, rainbow lasagne baking, chutney preserving and has dived into summer dips.

These virtual hands-on cooking experiences always fill up so book in, don your apron, and bring an open attitude toward the forgotten veggies at the back of the fridge.

Alanna’s also announced her workshop schedule till the end of the year: 

July 25: Banana Bonanza! Banana Bread & Banana Jam

August 29th: Using up Sourdough discard – Crackers & Pancakes

September 26th: Stale Bread – Panzanella Salad

October 31st: Citrus Peel Panna Cotta & Seasonal Fruit Compote

November 28th: Spring Vegetable Risotto – Making Stock from Scratch

⁠⁠Find the link here

Anna and Ray’s Bouquets

When Anna and Ray were deciding what they should grow on their newly purchased block high up in the Macedon Ranges they noticed how vibrant their neighbour’s proteas were.

Almost thirty years later Anna says that with just rainwater to drink the proteas that cover much of their block still amaze her with their resilience and beauty.

Anna’s love of flowers gave birth to 302 Flowers and today her garden grows Proteas, Banksias, Leucadendrons, Chrysanthemums, Billy Buttons, Salvia, Scabosa, Agastache, Hellebores, Daffodils and so much more.

Every Wednesday you can find bunches of Anna and Ray’s flowers here in the webshop.

Remember set your shopping cart for a Wednesday delivery and your flowers will appear in stock.

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