Quick braised greens with ginger and rice

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Any greens, such as chard, kale, broccolini
Half a leek or onion
Garlic (optional)


Marinated Tempeh
Eggs (poached or beaten)
Cultured veggies eg. sauerkraut or kimchi


Got a large bunch of greens in your Fair Food box? Whip up something tasty in the time it takes to cook some rice. I had some chard and kale, and a leek, but use whatever greens you have while they are fresh and alive, and be generous – cook it all up before it’s forgotten at the back of the fridge. Use the whole bunch. It’ll be perfect for tomorrow’s work lunch or a second easy dinner.

Quick braised greens with ginger and rice

Cook up your rice on the stove, adding a third again of washed quinoa if you like. (Quinoa will happily cook in with white rice, but add it towards the end when you use brown rice as it doesn’t take as long to cook).

Lightly fry the green’s stems, chopped leek and ginger in a little oil. Once they begin to soften add garlic (optional) and the rest of the green leaves. Essentially you are adding the veggie elements from most sturdiest (kale, stems, broccolini) to least (chard leaves, spinach), lightly stirring. The moisture in the greens will help to keep the pan juicy and yum. By the time your quinoa-rice is cooked, you’ll have a bright mix of flavoursome greens. Season with salt and little squeeze of lemon.

Include some marinated Primasoy tempeh or quickly add a beaten egg when the greens are almost done, to make a quick nourishing meal. A sprinkle of toasted seeds, or a spoon of cultured veg from the fridge is another perfect addition, kicking goals for easy vitality and flavour.

It’s not a particularly fancy recipe, but it’s probably even quicker than ordering take away.



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