Greek Yoghurt Pancakes from Natalie

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Serves 2


200gm of yoghurt or 1C
2 tsp baking powder
100gm banana flour or 1C grain flour
2 organic eggs
Approx. 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk (or water) to thin the batter (optional)


This week we happily share the winning recipe of our recent yoghurt comp, in honour of the new (and fabulous) Greek yoghurt from Schulz Organic Dairy. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us, and whoop whoop congratulations to Natalie – we hope you are enjoying your CERES Fair Food groceries on us! With so many busy changes going on at the moment, who were we to resist such quick and fluffy pancake treats. We did not, and neither should you. Pass the maple honey yoghurt drizzle.

These can be on the thinner or thicker side, just adjust the liquid amount to your liking, and top with your favourite extras. Natalie recommends high fibre banana flour in these (yum!) but we’ve included a regular grain flour quantity as well, and doubled her recipe to serve plenty for two pancake devourers.

Yoghurt Pancakes

Gluten free, sugar free, high protein, high fibre

I love Schulz dairy and I’m a huge fan of their milk and couldn’t resist sending through my recipe for yoghurt pancakes (yes yoghurt pancakes – gotta try them – they are delicious and by far healthier and I think tastier than the traditional version !!)

Whisk ingredients together in a mixing bowl until well combined.

Cook them as you normally would traditional pancakes, in a little oil or butter (coconut oil is good too) until golden brown on both sides.

I add sliced banana and lots of good quality organic peanut butter but you can top them with anything.



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