Home Made Green Tea Hand Wash

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In the spirit of making easy, meaningful changes to our single-use plastic habits, we’ve put together this disinfectant hand soap that uses Dr Planet’s  Castile concentrate. We collect the durable Dr Planet plastic bottles and send them back to the factory to be refilled, so working together, we eliminate single-use plastics in the soaping game!

This recipe is straightforward and can be adapted to suit your skin/smelling preferences. Castile soap is naturally hypoallergenic so it’s friendly for all skin types to use.

Liquid soap is not the only thing you can make with Castile concentrate; it can be used for all things clean – dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid, cleaning spray, shampoo, pet shampoo, bath soap; it’s truly worth its weight in eco-friendly gold.

You can change up the essential oils you add to your liquid soap based on your preferences, or we also sell Dr Planet Castile concentrates that have essential oils included; head to the eco home section of our webstore to find the entire range.


Home Made Green Tea Hand Wash

You can double, triple, quadruple this recipe if you fancy. 

Measure and add the Castile soap to your soap container.

Add sweet almond oil and essential oil drops.

Swirl to combine the ingredients.

Pour in the cooled green tea, replace the lid and swirl again.

Voila! You’re ready for handwashing!


We adapted this recipe from Hello Nest




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