Honey Biscuits

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150 g butter
200g honey
1 tsp vanilla essence
375g wholemeal flour (spelt was great)

I also grated a little fresh nutmeg into the mix. Beautiful!


We’re on a honey theme this week, and with autumnal afternoon tea in mind and a serious lack of go-to biscuit recipes in my repertoire, I found these beauties. 3 simple ingredients (yes! OK it’s 4 with the vanilla. 5 with the nutmeg that I added) with the subtle flavour of that local honey front and centre. They’re really wonderful. This neat little recipe is from Brydie Piaf, the City Hippy Farm Girl, whose online work you can find here. Brydie has posted a few versions of these on her blog, as they are of course the kind of thing you can tweak and play around with, and she’s let me share them here as well. Thanks Brydie! Go far, little honey biscuits. There are cups of tea out there that need you.


Combine everything together and roll into balls. Squish them a little on the tray or press down with a fork. (I left these quite thick for that slightly underdone chewy-ness).

Bake at 180ºC on a greased or lined tray, for 10-15 minutes or until golden in colour.

Transfer to a cooling rack, pop the kettle on.



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  1. These have become a lockdown favourite for lockdown home schooling “ recess”. A sweet treat but balanced out with the wholemeal spelt flour so the kids don’t go too crazy. I keep the batter in an airtight glass container in fridge and bake 10-12 fresh every 2 days or so. Thank you for the inspiration

    1. We’re so glad to hear these simple but delicious biscuits are making homeschooling a lil bit sweeter – the dough storing and baking off as needed is a game-changer – Love that!