Lets Talk About Pumpkin Soup

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Beautiful pumpkin! Jap, butternut, golden nuggets, jarrahdale, greys and trombones…


*coconut cream
*thai curry paste
*whole nutmeg


It’s never too late to renew pumpkin soup appreciation. Here’s what we’ve been exploring lately …

Basic Soup: Sweat onion, garlic, and a bay leaf in olive oil (and butter if you like it like I do). Add chunks of peeled pumpkin, a little potato and paprika and cover with water or stock to simmer until tender. Blend together with a stick/benchtop blender or food processor. Add cream or yoghurt if you like, and parsley or something fresh and green on top for extra life. Season liberally

Thai Coconut: Fry a couple of tablespoons of red or green Thai curry paste with coconut oil, before adding the usual veggies. You could also add extra grated ginger and/or lemongrass. Once the soup ingredients are tender, blend together and whisk in a tin of coconut milk. Top with coriander leaves

Chestnuts: Make the most of Autumn’s sweet jumbo chestnuts by combining them with a basic pumpkin soup for a special seasonal treat. Chestnuts need to be scored (cut a small slit or cross with a knife) and then either boiled or roasted for about 40 mins before peeling the shell away. Add to an almost finished soup, along with simmered farro or freekeh grains. Leave it chunky for a rustic autumn meal by the fire.

Red Peppers: Roast or charr red capsicum until the flesh is tender and the skin can be peeled away and then blitz it into your soup, it adds another layer of bright sweetness to the mellow pumpkin doing the hard yards.

What about these pumpkin soup friends:

Dukkah Fry onions, garlic and pumpkin with your pantry’s dukkah before adding pumpkin and stock, and sprinkle a little on top to serve.

Sage fried in butter Crispy sage bits atop a warm soup, yes please!

Wild Greens Add some chopped up wild greens like chickweed, nettles and mallow. Let them wilt in the hot soup.

Fresh nutmeg Finely grate some fresh nutmeg and you can’t go wrong. Actually any of those allspice-style flavours take pumpkin to a warming festive place.

Pumpkin seeds can be washed and dried (on a sunny table or overnight in a low oven), then roast for 15mins with salt flakes, cumin seeds, paprika, chickpeas etc and enjoy as a snack.

Need a batch of warm, soft, fresh dinner rolls to go with your renewed pumpkin soup? Check out this recipe!

What do you do to keep pumpkin soup from getting old at your house? Share your tips and tricks below!



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  1. My pumpkin soup tale… last year a pumpkin vine grew unexpectedly in our front garden alongside the correas, daphne, azaleas and cliveas so we planned a pumpkin party for our neighbours in the court, just for fun. I was hoping of course that the pumpkins would produce delicious soup but it was nothing marvellous so I sent out a plea for help to a clever friend. After a taste she added: allspice and … peanut butter!? There was no soup left over! There’s a butternut growing in the front garden this year!

  2. I made both the spiced and spicy pumpkin soup yesterday. I didn’t have dukkah so instead I used some homemade Za’taar with chicken stock. Kid and parents incredibly satiated.

    Thanks. I love a recipe that is flexible and tasty.

  3. Just made this pumpkin soup for lunch today. I added nutmeg and a grated potato. Served with toasted sourdough and melted provolone cheese. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.