Miso Soup

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125g of organic tofu, soft or silken
3 Tbsp mild miso paste
5g/2 sheets dried, cut seaweed
2 dried shitake mushrooms
1 spring onion, finely chopped
850ml water


With the cooler weather, we’re more likely to reach for a soup bowl of something to warm us. Perhaps starting dinner with a little miso soup might be just the thing you are wanting. We have Earth Source tofu in the webstore, and here is their very own recipe to make endless versions in the comfort of your own kitchen, with shiitake, tofu, and seaweed. Nourishing and warm. Stay cosy! Serves 2-3.


Firstly, heat some water and soak the dried shiitake in it for about half an hour. Just use enough water to cover the mushrooms. They will swell up, and the water will add a deeper flavour to the soup.

Finely slice the spring onion, and carefully cube the tofu into 1cm squares.

Next loosen the miso paste by mixing with 100ml of cold water, until you have squished the lumps into a thick but runny miso.Set this aside. Miso is naturally fermented and full of good things for you, so when you make up miso soup (or use miso in other things) you don’t want to boil it up but rather add it to the dish once it is off the heat.

Make a quick stock by bringing the remaining 750mL of water to the boil along with the dried seaweed and the rehydrated mushrooms (including their soaking liquid). Let this simmer for a few minutes. Consider adding some dashi powder to the stock as well, if you fancy fish-based products.

Remove from the heat and let it sit for 2 minutes, before straining. Finely slice the mushrooms and return to the mix, or add to another meal. (I would also admit to leaving the seaweed in as well, but Earth Source say to strain it – I suppose if it has become a bit messy/disintegrated you could add a fresh batch to serve).

Back into the pot, and gently add the tofu and spring onion. Give it a flash of heat to bring up to a boil and then turn it off. Add the miso liquid, a little at a time in case all of it is too strong for your taste, and gently stir. A between meal boost or a warm-up to mains.




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