Parsnip and Veg Tempura

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1 egg yolk
1/2 cup icy water
1/3 cup of rice flour
1/6 cup of corn starch
Vegetable oil with high ‘smoking point’ (i.e. sunflower, peanut or canola)
Sliced parsnip, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant or any other veg

Dipping sauce
Half soy sauce/half mirin
Grated ginger or daikon to taste


  1. Wash, peel & slice your parsnips & other veggies into long oblong shapes. Not only will this ensure they cook quickly, in sync with the tempura batter, they’ll also be easier to handle for dipping, like French fries.
  2. Pat your veg pieces dry with a paper towel (oil & water don’t mix) and lightly coat with the flour combination. Now your batter will stick properly!
  3. Preheat the oil in a deep pan or pot. You’ll need at least 3cms between the oil & the top, as a safety precaution. You’ll know it’s ready when you drop a wee bit of batter & it sinks halfway, then immediately floats to the top without being brown yet. You can also preheat your oven to keep the pieces warm; as you should take your time to fry them without crowding the pot.
  4. Separate the egg. With a fork, whisk the yolk until it’s fluffy. Combine the iced water (prevents your pieces from absorbing too much oil). Sift the flour into the egg mixture & combine with a fork.
  5. Lightly coat your parsnip & other veg pieces with the batter. Carefully place them in the oil to fry until crisp. Do not turn or stir. Take care the oil doesn’t get too hot or your batter will cook before your veg has time to tenderise. Set aside or in the oven to drain.
  6. Serve with this light, salty sweet, dipping sauce.


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