Sprouts, Seeds and Sauerkraut

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sprouts – sunflower, pea shoots, radish etc
2 carrots
1 beetroot
lettuce leaves (optional)
sesame and pumpkin seeds
tamari (optional)
sauerkraut (Pat’s Veg, pictured!)
haloumi, sliced

olive oil
lemon juice
apple cider vinegar
salt and freshly ground pepper

fresh herbs!


First Published October 2014

Spring. Gosh it’s a busy time of year. Busy bees, everywhere. At the warehouse there are busy new food enterprises being readied, young farmers being supported and streams of fresh produce coming in from beloved farms. As the season quickly takes hold we can always do with a reminder to take a moment to breathe, and eat lunch. A good fibre-full, gut-friendly lunch to look after ourselves. So this week, in all the busyness and action of spring, I’m sharing another non-recipe. Daniel has a bumper crop of his Organic Microgreens going out in boxes this week, and we have lettuce and baby carrots and beetroots in most boxes and lots of great things for your gut to pile on top. So this is more of a reminder I suppose. Make a punchy lemon dressing for spring, fill up with good fresh veggies and support yourself for an active season as things warm up.

Armed with Dan’s freshly harvested sprouts from the Fair Food warehouse, you are sure to create something tasty. Here I’ve grated some sweet baby carrots and a beetroot, and added them to a few washed leaves of lettuce that I’ve ripped into pieces. I toasted some sesame and pepita seeds in a hot dry frypan, swishing them around for a minute so they brown but don’t burn and then sprinkling them with a teaspoon or two of tamari.

Because I love it, I threw some slices of haloumi into a hot pan (haloumi is great warmed in an office sandwich press and you can bring some dressing in a jar). Topped off with a delicious side of Pat’s Veg caraway sauerkraut. Not even 10 minutes, and it’s the best lunch. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to take those veggies out of the fridge, grab a grater, and love your gut for lunch. Have a great week.




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