Winter tonic – making a fire cider

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Include roughly equal parts of as many of these as you can.


raw apple cider vinegar to cover

I also added
Tbsp honey
fresh cracked pepper
a sprig of thyme for sore throats


With a few simple things from the kitchen, a winter remedy to help stop the sniffles and bugs from taking hold may be just the thing for the brave taste-buds among us. Keep a spicy brew on hand and blast unwanted visitors away with the supersonic power of a little homemade fire cider.


Winter tonic – making a fire cider

Chop everything up, add to a clean jar and cover with raw apple cider vinegar. Let this steep for about 2 weeks in the pantry, and try to remember to give it a swirl each day (place it next to something you reach for daily!).

After 2 weeks to steep all the goodness into the vinegar, just strain and store the seriously spicy brew in a dark glass jar out of the sun. Take a shot at the first sign of any winter or sip each day as a precautionary measure – by all accounts it can really help to stop those winter niggles taking hold.


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    1. Yes you can keep this in the cupboard or on the bench, just as you would plain apple cider vinegar. Should last a good while, long enough for the Winter – Spring season at least!