ANZAC biscuits

Anzacs are a classic treat and super easy to whip up – a great little bickie to have in the repertoire. And these are CWA-sanctioned no less, so they’re the real deal.

Hot Cross Buns

With yeast, milk, a warm place and a little time, you too can do DIY HCB!

Vegan Blondies

Vegan blondies by Ulu Hye

A nutty, chocolatey vegan treat – the chickpeas make them deliciously soft.  We suspect these may be the new sidekick to your mid-morning cuppa.

Whole Orange Cake by Open Table

Open Table whole orange cake

This cake is inspired by the classic Sicilian recipe. It’s a zingy, zesty crowdpleaser and not a skerrick of citrus is wasted.

Whole Banana Bread by Open Table

This recipe uses everything except those little hard bits at the end, plus you can chuck in excess sourdough starter too – a wholistic waste wise solution to nana neglect!

Date and banana pikelets from Annabel Crabb

Even basic pikelets are total winners.  Warm from the pan and a little butter.  But these take the prize!  The extra oomph of banana and sweet dates are very hard to beat.