Beetroot Curry by Open Table

Beetroot Curry, by Open Table

This vibrant curry is inspired by a Sri Lankan recipe. It’s mildly sweet and very comforting as the weather becomes increasingly chilly!

Quick and Easy Home Made Ricotta

Fresh ricotta takes less than 45 minutes to make and is a beautiful process to undertake; while watching the curds separate from the whey you’ll wonder ‘am I a  kitchen magician?’ the answer is yes – you’ll never have to buy tubbed ricotta again.

Eggplant Pickle

A punchy condiment to be dolloped beside a curry, dahl, omelette… jazzing up even a sandwich with it’s relaxed flair.

Tadka Dahl

It’s hard to beat a bowl of flavour packed dahl for comfort and ease, and this tadka dahl recipe is my favourite.