Whole Orange Cake by Open Table

Open Table whole orange cake

This cake is inspired by the classic Sicilian recipe. It’s a zingy, zesty crowdpleaser and not a skerrick of citrus is wasted.

Lemon and Honey Cake

Lemon honey cake

Just the kind of tangy-sweet mouthful you might need with an afternoon cup of tea.

Vanilla Poached Apricots

Would you rather traipse the shops looking for gifts or learn a new preserving skill? Give the gift of summer’s sweet delights this Christmas!

Easy Home Made Mascarpone

Fresh mascarpone is easy to make, and the overnight draining time is definitely worth the wait. It delivers the creamiest, velvety mascarpone, better than anything you can buy at the supermarket.

Plum and Pistachio Galette

Semi-translucent, deeply red and sweet; plums are the jewels of February and here we create a sort of crown for them to sparkle in.