Autumn is here! The mornings are getting a bit cooler and the sun is going to bed just that little bit earlier every day. But on the bright side of the cabbage patch, the range of produce around this harvest time is bountiful and beautiful.

What’s going to be rotating through the boxes this season? Here’s a few hints & ideas:

Look forward to exploring a diversity of flavours with more okonomiyaki (cabbage).

Grilled honey balsamic & sesame eggplant steaks can also be on the menu…

As well as oven-poached, sweet-spiced pears & figs for dessert.

My personal favourite? Hungarian Stuffed Capsicums of every colour! Click here for a traditional but super fun recipe.

If you’ve got your own seasonal favourite, feel free to add the recipe by going here.


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  1. dear Chris
    I just read about the bad publicity from The Age & was most distressed. Although I live in SA, I visit my sons in Melb & love coming to CERES with them & WON’T stop coming.I often sing your praises in Adelaide & look forward to the time we have something similar here.Let’s hope the publicity has made more people aware of your existence & your good name can be resurrected.
    In sympathy
    Chris Banks