Beautiful Darkness

When I’ve watched one too many “What’s Trump done now” stories, listened to another Fortune 500 CEO crying like a baby bird for a tax break or seen that Facebook post about there being more plastic soy sauce fishes in the ocean than actual fish, I can become susceptible to a bit of apocalyptic thinking.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the nihilistic thrill of peak-oil collapse, drunk from the fountain of global financial armageddon, gone there in Derek Jensen let’s pull-the-whole-neo-liberal-roof-in-on-our-heads-style and capped it all off curled up on a bean bag with a few chapters of The Road.

But I can only go down the doomer pathway for so long before the sun eventually comes out from behind the clouds and core human business gets me out of my beanbag bolthole.

My antidote to doomsday prepper-think is doing things with others – gardening together, riding, cleaning up litter and revelling in music.  It’s the joining together that reaffirms my humanity or lets me glimpse the human I yearn to be.

This Winter Solstice at CERES, on land we have mined, dumped our rubbish and finally healed, we will gather once again around the big ceremonial fire to farewell the longest night, welcome back the light and maybe glimpse the humans we yearn to be.

And together in front of the flames we will declare our collective love for the earth and hope this year we can begin to keep that commitment.

Beautiful Darkness is at CERES on Saturday 23rd June, 4.30pm – 8.30pm

Be quick I just checked out the site and there are only a few tickets left (sorry, the Council says we can only fit 500 people).

New Food Hosts / We’re Closed Monday

We have two brand new Wednesday Food Hosts in our Fair Food family, so if you’re in the area and looking for free delivery of fresh organic groceries, pop an order in for next week and say hi to Karen at Caulfield North (Kent Gr) and Meagan at Hampton East (Flowerdale Rd).

Both pick-up points are now open on Wednesdays.  A big welcome to Karen and Meagan and a huge thanks to all our wonderful volunteer Food Hosts.

We’re closed this Monday

Also a reminder that we are CLOSED this Queen’s Birthday Monday, and wish all our friends and farmers a little rest with a good cuppa and something delicious on the stove. We’ll be back as usual from Tuesday!

Have a great week



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