It’s been two weeks since we closed for the Christmas break but it feels much longer. Wherever we may have been, whatever we have done, whatever has happened to us it’s time to come back to the everyday.  Back to our roles as workers, students, volunteers, community members.  And, unless they have been truly rotten, this is the moment to look back and be thankful for the time we’ve just spent with our families and friends, for these times are truly special and we never know when things will change, as they must.

For the last two years, in an effort to combat the seasonal tsunami of wine, ham and chocolate covered comestibles, over 300 people have joined in our post-holiday Unglut Your Gut Challenge (see below for details).  It’s a month-long internal journey with a Pat’s Fermented Veg and KombuchAid reward at the end.  Which is all good, but the reward’s not really the reward if you know what I mean.  Because if, at the end of this month, all we achieve is an increase in the diversity and health of our microbiomes, and in turn, emerge from the accompanying body and brain bloat that’s been dogging us from sometime in between Christmas and New Year, then that will be reward enough.

We’re making our first delivery for 2016 this Tuesday the 12th January, the order deadline for Tuesday and Wednesday is midnight Sunday 10th (which is tonight).  Welcome back.



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