Our friend Chantelle who runs the Foodbank at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (that’s it pictured above) asked if Fair Food could be a drop point for their Foodbank donations.  “Why not,” was my response,” picking up and dropping off food is in our blood” (well my grandpa did have a general store for a while).  Anyway back to the story, why, you wonder, do asylum seekers need a Foodbank ?  Well as it happens even if you are granted asylum in Australia, you may not have the right to work or access to social security benefits or have any savings left – which adds up to living in a new country with no money or family to drop around to check out what’s in the fridge – hence the Foodbank.

In the early days of the ASRC Foodbank people called up to donate food Chantelle and her crew would jump into a car and pick it up.  As you can imagine this was a time consuming way to do things and so a couple of drop off points have been set up to drop food donations.  So if you’d like to help out the newest members of our nation at the time they’ll need it most then read on…. 


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