So you want a hip job in the local food system? Well you’d do worse than throwing yourself into food waste (well not actually throwing yourself in).  Anyway, since the 2013 Foodwise food waste report identified that we throw about $8 billion worth of perfectly good food into Australian landfills each year, solving the food waste issue has become a thing.  And to confirm that food waste is in fact an actual thing policy makers have labelled it a “wicked” problem, aka a problem that defies simple explanation made seemingly harder by an accompanying air of evil that’s irresistible to social change practitioners (I’m not sure if that’s exactly right but you get the picture).At Fair Food our interest in Food Waste is both ethical and pragmatic – first we don’t like to waste food because it’s, well wasteful and second if we do have food waste then we have to do something with it – which is the last thing you want at the end of a hard day packing groceries.  We try to reduce our waste by just ordering as close to what we need as possible but like intimate relationships fresh produce doesn’t always turn out how you imagined and then there are the bits you trim off, remove, cut out or just get damaged moving from here to there.

So here’s some of the things we do at Fair Food with our food waste…. read more …


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