The holidays are just around the corner and we have some important news regarding deliveries…

All deliveries will run  AS  PER  USUAL,  so you won’t miss a beat with your grocery orders.

However! No bread deliveries Tuesday 10th April.

Our wonderful loaf bakers (aka: Loafer Bread) will be closed Easter Tuesday the 10th of April. So you won’t be able to get bread orders that day. If you already have a bread order to be delivered on Tuesday the 10th April, expect a credit to your account.

Order some amazingly fresh & yummy hot cross buns

Delivered the Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th April, leading up to Easter weekend!

Hot Cross Buns will only be available to order until midnight (11:59pm) Sunday 1st April (no fools’ joke)! So get in quick.

Order now!

Happy holidays!

The Fair Food Team



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