CERES Food Connect now CERES Fair Food – what’s the Story?

A bit of history…When we first started hatching plans to radically change the way in which food was distributed in Melbourne we started looking for fresh, innovative ways which would help us achieve our main goals of giving city dwellers and workers easy access to lower-cost organic produce, reducing wasteful shopping miles and supporting local farmers.

Whilst taking a look at various projects we were impressed with Brisbane’s Food Connect system and felt that it was a perfect fit for our visionary Food Hub concept (Watch this space for more about Food Hub) as well as being natural extension to our thriving co-ops and workplace buying groups.
Initially we envisioned that with CERES and Food Connect working together we could co-create a beautifully symbiotic relationship, with the premise that two heads are always better than one. Alas, despite our best efforts the very real implications of financially supporting two administrations turned out not to be viable for CERES or Food Connect, and so sadly we are parting ways.
We are still good friends and wish Food Connect all the best.

And so CERES Fair Food is born…

What does this all mean for you?  Well, there is very little change – we will drop the name Food Connect and now be called CERES Fair Food, pick-up points for your food boxes will now be referred to as “Food Hosts” instead of “City Cousins” and everything else will stay the same – we are still committed to growing the Fair Food Movement, we are still passionately supporting local organic producers and our community, and of course, we are still providing the same great quality produce at incredibly fair value!
 CERES Fair Food is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We exist to provide equitable food services to our community and support CERES’ other fantastic environmentally minded projects.  We will continue to improve and expand our service, and with over 700 happy customers already, we would like to say a massive thank you for your support so far.
We welcome any feedback, questions or concerns you may have – please email us info(at)ceresfairfood.org.au

Long live CERES Fair Food!


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  1. Hi,
    Could you tell me where our nearest food host would be for pick up? How do we pay for food boxes? Is there a set requirement we have to purchase each week? How often could I order? Thank You Dianne Smith