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What took us so long?

Early this morning I was over in the park walking Jessie, our kelpie.  The remnants of a kid’s party lay scattered on the ground around a picnic table.

I picked up the foil lolly wrappers, the empty plastic creaming soda bottle and a half dozen plastic cups.

Passing by, my neighbour, Alan – schnauzer in-tow, stepped out a couple of John Cleese- style paces over to the unused rubbish bin and arched a grey eyebrow.

It’s ironic – we can despair over how little people care for our park but at the checkout care is an extra plastic bag offered to carry an already plastic-wrapped item.

It’s as if seventy years ago the glossy sheen of disposable plastic packaging put us into a Sleeping Beauty-like trance that we’re in the slow process of waking up from.

Last week we stirred a little when Dirt Laundry told us that if we brought back their empty laundry liquid refill pouches they’d refill them.

This week an eyelid fluttered as Resparkle came to the party saying they’d do the same with their range of cleaning refill pouches.

Closing these packaging loops is waking people up at the warehouse; on Friday Richelle, Fair Food’s Business Development manager, emailed this message….

I asked Luisa at CERES Workshops whether they could reuse used Warbotanical glass jars in any of their courses and the answer was a delighted “YES!” 

They have Natural Face & Body Care workshops four times a year and usually scramble to find nice jars for the participants.  They would use at least 25 per class so around 100 per year.

So simple, why did it take us so long?  If you have empty Dirt or Resparkle pouches or Warbotanical glass jars leave them in your Fair Food box before your next delivery and we’ll take them back to be refilled and reused.

And btw, in case you haven’t heard me say it a hundred times before – we take back all of Fair Food’s boxes, eskies and ice bottles – just leave it out before your next order and we’ll reuse or recycle them.


Best hospo gig ever?

Speaking of things happening – for the past two and a bit years something beautiful has been emerging down on the Merri Creek at Joe’s Garden Saturday Farmgate.

This farming sanctuary set in Melbourne’s last surviving inner city market garden is growing a community that comes together each Saturday morning to buy organically grown produce and connect with the land on which it is grown.

Right now we’re looking for a very special person to run the fledgling coffee stand.  It’s an opportunity to work daylight hours on award wages at one of Melbourne’s most special places.

Oh and you have to be quick – applications close tomorrow morning at 9am

Details here

Have a great week



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