Almond and Coconut Rice Pudding

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Serves 3-4


1 C brown rice
pinch salt
1 400mL coconut milk
600mL almond milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cinnamon quill
2 Tbsp maple syrup, or to taste
toasted coconut flakes and fruit for the top

nuts and chia seeds etc


Rice pudding might be one of those ‘there’s two kinds of people in the world’ foods. If you’re firmly in the I Love Rice Pudding division, then perhaps you don’t need a recipe, but here’s one anyway. This is a really luscious brown rice version with coconut milk AND almond milk. With foresight you could soak the rice overnight for extra plump grains, requiring less cooking and less milk than I’ve used here – the quantities below are for when instant gratification dictates there’s no time for soaking.


Rinse the brown rice in a medium pot, then add the tin of coconut milk. Fill the empty tin with almond milk, giving it a swirl as you go, and tip that in too along with another half tin of almond milk. Add the cinnamon quill, vanilla and a pinch of salt to the pot and heat, simmering on low for about 45 minutes and stirring occasionally so things don’t stick.

Towards the end of all that simmering, add the maple syrup to your taste. It will be already sweetened from the milks, vanilla and cinnamon, so check it to your own sweetness levels first.

Pile with fruits and crunchy things on top. At the moment, it’s the last of winter’s citrus or kiwis, with chia seeds, roasted almonds and a few coconut flakes. Berries and mangoes soon 😉


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