Cucumber, Fennel, Avocado, Ricotta

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To branch out from my usual eating routine, I was looking in my favourite ideas book and came across this chunky combination which mixes lots of goodies that are in the boxes this week (fennel and avocado and cucumber), douses them with a citrus dressing and throws ricotta on top. How could I resist, it’s genius. So here it is – something wintery but crisp to cut through any grey feelings or soup overload. And suitably interesting for the long weekend, if you are looking for inspiration or are sharing a special meal or two yourself. The fresh Mungalli ricotta was sweet and smooth and delicious, or perhaps you like to make your own soft cheese. Homemade labne would be great or any sort of goats cheese deliciousness. Enjoy.


Stir together the dressing in a medium bowl, mixing the lemon juice, salt and pepper and olive oil. If it taste a bit tart to you, maybe try a good squeeze of an orange as well which is yummy with the fennel. Or you could also add a bit of balsamic vinegar to take the edge off, as Nigel advises. Chop up a little dill in there, if you’re using it.

Add in the various sliced fruits and vegetables, mix and let it rest in the dressing if you have a spare half an hour, and then serve it up with some spicy fermented veg (I needed an extra chilli kick when I made this) or some punchy sprouts. Spoon a generous amount of ricotta (or other fresh cheese) on top for each serving. So good.



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