La Tortilleria’s guacamole

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This week we have beautifully creamy avocados to make loads of this totally delicious guacamole, and gosh we’re so up for an easy win that will please everybody right now.  We’ve gone right to the source for this share – straight to Kensington in fact, and the makers of our authentic corn tortillas and totopos.  Big thanks to Gerardo and Diana from La Tortilleria for sharing their guacamole!  You can find more wonderful Mexican recipes on their website. 

Photo by La Tortilleria.


La Tortilleria’s guacamole

Guacamole is best when made fresh, just before devouring. Make sure your avocados are deliciously ripe!

Dice the tomatoes, red onion and jalepeño. Wash the coriander well (notoriously tricky to rinse clean so be thorough), and chop.

Dice then gently mash the avocados, then combine with the rest of the ingredients and season to taste. Your guacamole can be more chunky or sliding towards smooth, but with this simple recipe it will undoubtably be totally delicious.  And hopefully a regular at your place.

Enjoy on your spicy black beans, warm tortillas, Mexican style salad bowls, Friday night nachos or just devoured with the highly snackable La Tortilleria totopos.



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