Quick Yoghurt Flatbread

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1 C yoghurt
2 C self raising flour
2 tsp salt


I’ve been making a lot of these super quick flatbreads lately. And a week with our local flours on specials seemed like a good time to share a recipe that has two ingredients – one of them flour. Well there’s three ingredients if you count the salt, four if you include the love in the form of rolling thin circles and slapping them on a really hot pan. They’re fast and delicious, soft enough for wraps and sandwiches, and go with any meal that’s enhanced by a bread vehicle. I don’t know who first shared this little tip of a recipe, it’s cropped up in many places lately, but I’d like to thank them anyway because these are really great.


Combine the flour, yoghurt and salt together in a bowl and gently press into a ball. Divide it into 8 and roll these balls out flat with a rolling pin and a floured surface. When their nice and thin, throw them on to a very hot, dry pan. This is almost instantaneous bread making – in a really hot pan they’ll take only 10 seconds each side and get nice and charred if left any longer.

You can whip these up pronto, or even better would be to let the mix sit a while – the yoghurt will help to work on the flour for easier digestion and improved nutrition.

Try reheating them in a toaster – apparently it’s Matt Preston’s favourite thing to do when we has a homemade yoghurt flatbread craving for his leftover lamb stew.



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  1. Made them with vegan yogurt and gluten free flour for someone who is vegan and does not eat gluten and they turned out great.
    Thank you.