Simple, delicious chutney from Open Table

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500g juicy seasonal fruit or vegetable (eg tomatoes, mangos, capsicums, zucchini, eggplant, apple, pear, rhubarb, onions, etc)
250g onions or leek
80-100ml vinegar, such as white, apple cider, rice or wine
140g sugar
2 tsp salt
Spices and herbs (eg chilli, curry powder, mustard seeds, rosemary, oregano … whatever you like!
You can also add dried fruits for extra sweetness

Large saucepan with lid
poon for stirring
Chopping knife
Measuring cups
Tea towel
2 sterilised jars (at least 200ml)



Chutney is a great way to use up fruit or vegetables you may have a lot of.  Plus a jar of home made chutney makes an amazing gift! 

Huge thanks to Alanna and the team at Open Table for their recent workshops with us, sharing tips on reducing food waste, kitchen hacks and of course making delicious treats to share.


Simple, delicious chutney from Open Table

Combine vinegar and sugar in a saucepan and heat gently, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.

Bring to boil and then simmer until slightly reduced.

Add the remaining ingredients. Cook over medium heat with the lid half off, stirring often, while it bubbles and thickens. This should take between 30-50 minutes.

Pour into sterilised* jars (should make about 2 x 200ml jars). 

Store for a month to allow the flavours to intensify. If you are unsure you sterilise your jars properly, keep in the fridge and eat within a few months. Once opened consume within 2 months. Can keep for up to 6 months unopened in the pantry. 


TOO RUNNY?  Continue simmer over med- high heat until your chutney has thickened to your liking.

TOO DRY / THICK?  Add a bit more vinegar and simmer, stirring until combined and your desired consistency – please note a chutney using fairly dry ingredients (ie apple or onion) might be a little less saucey than say, a tomato or mango chutney, just ensure there is some liquid in the pan to keep moist.

Our favourite flavour combos:

Tomatoes & chilli

Mango, onion & curry powder


*Sterilising your jars

Check out a cute video on how to sterilise jars can be viewed here or try this great reference.

You can also sterilise jars and lids/seals by washing in warm soapy water, rinsing with clean warm water and drying them with with a clean cloth. Then put the jars and lids into an oven preheated to 140c/280F for 10 minutes.


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