Won’t be the same

Tina - Watsonia Food Host

On Thursday Fair Food grocery orders were delivered to our Food Host pick-up points for the last time. A huge thank you to all our incredible hosts who have given their time and shared their verandahs with us over the last eleven years!

Somewhere between sweet and tart

Ian and Anna Cuming at Beenak Farm

Ian Cuming has been teaching biodynamics and supplying kiwifruit to CERES for twenty years. Thankfully Beenak Farm has been passed on to new farmers who will continue it’s good work, and we wish Ian and Anna all the best for a new chapter of regenerative change.


This year more than any other there seems a lot to be thankful for.

Here we go

Buy Local - Moreland Council - CERES Fair Food

A team effort to stay safe and get essentials out to all.

Ben’s best on-farm chicken abattoir / Christmas break

Ben Falloon Taranaki Farm micro-abattoir

Ben’s best on-farm chicken abattoir Yesterday, I drove out to Taranaki Farm in Woodend to see Ben Falloon and his new on-farm micro-abattoir (that’s it and Ben above). You may remember Ben’s Pozible campaign where eight hundred and fifty people pledged $111,507 supporting Ben’s vision to process his chickens in the most ethical, healthy and humane way he could. Coming up the Taranaki Farm driveway the grass […]